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Lodging options are available at the farmhouse. Relish the time here at the farm, step back in time a bit, and enjoy the nostalgic charm of this vintage farmhouse.  Four king-sized beds (and a daybed), it sleeps up to 9 adults.  There is nothing like the ambiance of an old farmhouse.

Two Day Package “Add-On” Option

If Wedding Day at the farm sounds unique, laid back, and memorable……then what would two days at the farm be like?

Does the idea of having more time to spend with your closest family or friends sound appealing to you – then you should consider the 2 day option? What about the ability to stay on-site for two days and avoid the check-in/check-out motel chaos – then you should consider the 2 day option?  Is having  endless time for primping and prepping sound desirable – then you should consider the 2 day option?  Would more time to handle your decorating at the venue earlier in the day on Wedding Day sound appealing – then you should consider the 2 day option?  What about alleviating the fear of a tight timeline – then you should consider the 2 day option?   Would you love to insure your ability to do a rehearsal the night before – then you should consider the 2 day option?  Would it be perfect to host your Rehearsal Dinner here at the farm to solve the challenge of finding an available restaurant – then you should consider the 2 day option?

You start by purchasing our Basic Event Package with all that it includes then you add onto it this “Two Day Option” extra which then adds:

  • Lodging at the Guest House (King plus 3 Queens for up to 8) beginning at 3 p.m. the afternoon before the wedding through Wedding Day and again Wedding Night with checkout the next morning.

  • More lodging at the Vintage Farmhouse (3 Kings plus 1 Daybed for up to 7 adults) for the same time period.

  • Five hours at the venue (typically 5-10 PM, if for a Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner Event or 6-11 PM, if for a Rehearsal/Informal Social Gathering) for 50 guests or less.

  • Bonfire

  • Extra Venue time on Wedding Day for early decorating options

  • Bridal Suite stays available throughout

  • Tables and chairs set up and lightly decorated for your “day before” event

  • We clean up after your event

Some brides will encourage the Groom’s family to add-on this option predominantly for the Rehearsal Dinner advantages.  Whether we set up the tables and chairs in the air-conditioned Dancehall or out under the cafe lights by the bonfire pit, it will create a comfortable and casual setting for the night.  We lightly decorate the tables so no fuss or work required from you. Use whatever vendors you prefer and craft the Rehearsal Dinner Event according to your choices.  Whether Groom’s family stays at the Guest House and the bride with a couple of girls at the farmhouse, or just all girls or just the brides family – each situation is different and your choices are yours.  But – another way to utilize this is……

Often brides will add on this option more for themselves so that they can have a “Girls Last Sleep-Over” with the bridesmaids allowing plenty of time for conversations, laughing, and early morning primping.  Even if the Rehearsal Dinner is arranged at another location instead of the Farm by the Groom’s family, having a casual gathering after the dinner at the Farm with the bridal party (or your closest friends) chilling by the bonfire and eating hors d’oeuvres (or pizza and ice-cream) giving you that extra time to connect with those closest to you before the busy-ness of the wedding day, may be a wonderful option and a rare opportunity. Check out my recent blog post about the possibilities!

Some brides like the 2-day option to increase their time for photo ops.  Being on-site early means getting ahead of your schedule allowing plenty of time for Boudoir-type photos earlier in the day or to just allow a more relaxed timeline prior to the ceremony.

Many newly married couples wish that their wedding celebration allowed more time to spend with those extra special people who came in town specifically for their wedding and often from out of town. A smaller wedding guest list can help, but opting for a two day event can create this time “and” a beautiful space to accomplish it, as well.

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